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Reassure your Clients with Powerful, Intuitive Portfolio Insights 

Wealthscope for Advisors saves hours of your time per week. Access automated portfolio analysis, built with award-winning investment research expertise. Integrate robust retirement planning algorithms for added insights.
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Trusted by  80,000+ users for their wealth journey
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Wealthscope Portfolio Scorecard with ESG

Give Clients Data-driven Analysis, Complemented by Human Advice

Deliver periodic portfolio reviews to existing clients. Evaluate prospects' portfolios. Our analytics are crafted by an award-winning research team of CFA and PhD experts. We stand behind all of our numbers.

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Conduct Effortless Due Diligence, with Unmatched Support

Link your clients' investment accounts to harness proprietary analytics, machine learning, and modern, user-friendly design. Turn hours of work in to minutes.

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Wealthscope stock exposure analysis
Wealthscope Fund Comparison
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Demonstrate Client Best Interest 

In an era of heightened regulatory scrutiny and increasing call for transparency, Wealthscope provides trusted, third-party evaluations.

Inspire long-term trust and client loyalty by demonstrating your commitment to their success.

"Wealthscope takes complicated analytics and tranforms it into a pleasant user experience for both the advisor and the client. 

The platform makes it easy to review a client's portfolio in real-time, something I had been doing thus far, manually."

Daniel Evans, CFP

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Superior Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our customer support, to help you with any questions. We love talking about investments and technology!

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